Congratulations to the KC Snr Boys B Team – well done and a fantastic effort


Report from Boyang Zhao – Coach Kapiti College Snr Boys B Team & KBA Asst Coach U15 Boys Rep Team

Kapiti College Snr Boys B Team played Tawa in the final of College Sport Wellington Basketball League.

It was a very hard and tight game. The Team felt so nervous at the beginning of the game, because this was the first time for most of the boys playing in a finals game in a big stadium with lots of  spectators.

For the first three quarters the game was very tight with both sides working hard as the score see- sawed back and forth, but you could see the Kapiti Boys confidence starting to grow.

In the 4th quarter the Boys confidence grew even more as players took on the responsibility to finish the attack which made it  really hard for Tawa to defend us. 8 mins before the end of the game, Sam, Moss and Robi were back on the court. Then with Two fast breaks the scores were even. One three pointer from Robi then put us in the lead. In the last 3 mins, the Boys played exceptionally well on offense and defense scoring some great baskets and some great rebounding, especially by Moss.

The final score Kapiti College 38 Tawa 32 – KC - Championship Winners!!!

Mika – VIP of the Final, great job on both offence and defence

Eric, Tommy – Great ball handlers

Sam – Fast break specialist and executer

Moss, Robi, Simon, Connor – Great set offence scoring and great rebounding

Joshua – The best 6th man,  and great defender

Lachlan, Jack, Nicholas - Great support and cheering for all the team,

Boyang – the coach who forgot to take the score/stat sheet from score bench My bad!! Too rookie!!

Kelleigh – The best Manager ever!!!

Special Note from Kelleigh Gibson – Manager Kapiti College Snr Boys B Team

“This year we have had a special group of Boys who have all worked very hard and well together, but this wouldn’t have happened without all the hard work Coach Boyang has put into this Team.

I've seen the boys grow in both skill and confidence this season under his incredible guidance and dedication to the team. He is truly a fantastic Coach.”


KC Snr Boys B Team Championship Winners 2016