Alex Pledger from the NZ Breakers held a special Coaching session for Coaches and Tall Players on Wednesday 10 August at Kapiti College.

The session started with Alex talking about his journey to date and playing for the Tall Blacks and the NZ Breakers. Then he moved into the practical Training Session on court.

KBA Coaches and KBA Representative players and College Coaches and College Players were invited to attend and be a part of the Coaching session for Players on court.

The main focus for the Coaches  was to learn more about training and teaching “Big Players” to be more effective on the court.

This was great opportunity for Coaches and Players to see and learn and all gained a lot from this Coaching Session.

 Alex Pledger, all seven feet one inch of him, who has been a regular key player for the Breakers and New Zealand for a number of years.  
originally from Hamilton, had three years playing college (university) basketball in Kansas City and Belmont.  Back in New Zealand he has played league basketball for Waikato, Auckland  and more recently  Southland. 

He is better known as a regular key player for the New Zealand Breakers, our New Zealand club that plays in the Australian League and who, with Alex on board, have won that competition four times.  Alex Pledger has also played international basketball for New Zealand with our Tall Blacks  team.

Alex Pledger